TFS Helper Library

As one of the Team Foundation Server (TFS)¬†zeal developer and user, I have been always eager to improve TFS api to bring more capability for this excellent ALM system. TFS’s api is being well-built and highly programmable; however, with the experince that I have gained developing and customizing different software (specially Microsoft CRM), the lack of more maintainable plugin system in TFS’s api was obvious for me. So I have created this module to improve the ease of creating and managing plugins for TFS; moreover, the lack of the Validation Plugin (a Plugin that validates the event before being completed) in TFS is the key decision point for my organization.

this comperhensive module includes an event aggregator system that sit on top of Team Foundation Server’s (TFS) api, and set of services, facilitates process of creating modules (as a plugin) in the TFS. The possible plugins that could be created through this module are: WorkItem plugins (Sync/Async), Build Plugins, and CheckIn/CheckOut Plugins.

One of the unique features of this module that haven’t been incorporated in TFS intself is, the possibility of creating Validation Plugins (Synchronous Plugins) alongside with asychronous plugins. Such a plugin provides the ability to throw an error message before an event action being done and cancel the action eventualy.

This is an inprogress project and I’m working on it at the moment.

I have shared this project through GitHub.