Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.

-Mahatma Gandhi

From personal point of view, the above quote is what defines me or at least what I am trying to ground my life on.

Also, I am always zeal and eager to experience and learn novelties and I believe in another crowning quote that says: “Learn as if you were to live forever.”.

In doing so, I am highly motivated in undertaking project and acquiring in my field of interest, Software Engineering.

From professional point of view, I have spent most of professional career as a full-time software engineer at a prominent banking software company in Iran (Tosan Inc.).

I followed my eagerness to learn more in the field of Computer Science by entering a leading software company, Tosan. One of the prominent software company in my country with the focus on providing advanced banking solutions.

My main role in Tosan was, to bring forth new ideas and solutions to facilitate the process and circulation of software development. it involved in analysis, design, and development of systems to aid to attain this feat.

I have reinvented the role of IT Service Management (ITSM) and delivering quality software services based on ITIL practices in Tosan Inc. I had developed a software base on these practices to advocate the process of service delivery (read more).

In recent years my main area of concentration was on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Although it is vast field to study and being acknowledged about, I have attained tremendous knowledge about enhancing and improving Software Development Process in a large scale company with different environments and teams.

My interest  in ALM systems and tools led me to create an extension for one of the well-known solution in this area, I have shared this module through GitHub.

Recently, I have carried out a software measurement project that deeply involved in Data analysis and design of complex user interface to visualize vast amount of information. I have called it Project Live Wall.

In recent years I acquired a taste for web development. I have worked with various web frameworks or at least I scratched the surface of them. So I have become highly proficient in JavaScript and its associated frameworks and libraries. And I worked a year as a Web Designer in my own start-up company.

I have moved to the Canada, BC to find better opportunities and expand my horizon and hone my skills in the field of Software Engineering.

In addition, discovering new areas and improving my skills in the field of software engineering at British Columbia Institute of Technology.

You can download my resume with the full list of my projects from below link:

My Resume